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MusicaStar – 2013

MusicaStar is a social platform for learning kids music in an interaction way.This multi-platform prototype, is trying to create rich platform that capture the kids to learn music in a social interactive environment.There are lot of motivations in the platform to make kids involve in the social environment for a learning goal.In this platform I try to design a social competition between kids to learn, play and get fun.Sure the platform design concept based on the idea of MovieStarPlanet platform, but it try to take kids for bonus level with E-learning goal. I try to design a serious game that capture kids/teenagers between 7-18 to learn music, theory and technics in a interaction social environment with friends and music teachers coaches, and didn’t forget the fun and design part. The player can make his/her dreams live in MUSICA STARS, where player become a music star not only virtually, but also theoretically by following music video tutorials.  With own stage scene the players design, and have own video clip that they going to mad through the game platform, and have own audience.

Song Puzzle – 2012

Song Puzzle; is a digital prototype puzzle game that make the audio file as a puzzle linked to the puzzle picture. In other word, each peace of the puzzle picture of The Beatles link to a part of the song Help, when the pieces of the picture are random, you gonna hear random pieces of the song mix to each other. When the picture puzzle solved and be correct you hear the song in the right way. It’s a new puzzle way depending on audio and picture in the same time. This game could have lot of levels, each level give new band picture with one of the song.

The game prototype design by: Allan Alansari.

Zeitgeist – 2012

Zeitgeist is a game about time, controlling time and manipulating time. Our protagonist is a young boy that has invented a time machine. He intends to use this machine

to get some free chocolate from the local chocolate factory. As he infiltrates the factory, he will have

to avoid guards, distract employees and use multiple iterations of himself to find his way.

The time machine is a two-part machine: One base, and one portable remote. The base is the main

time machine, and creates some sort of a “save point” in the world. By using the portable remote he

can reset time to that point in time at any time, keeping the future that has already happened.

(Meaning that when he arrives at the base after using the remote, he arrives just in time to see himself

walk away)

During his stay at the factory he discovers that something is amiss. What that something is yet undetermined,

but it changes the boys goals, and suddenly he feels compelled to fix the new problem

that arises. That was the story of the game, but as we planed to make a vertical slide for this game,

we wont go for the this part of trying to change and fix problem in the factory. The game play will be getting candies and avoid from the guards as much as you can, and making several iteration

from you could help you in this gameplay.

Team Structure

Achim Wache – Project Management & Lead Design

Ulrik Brøndsted – Game Design & Level Design

René Bech Korsgaard – Lead Programming & AI

Anders Lystad Brevik – Programming & Level Design

Alexander Poulsen – Programming & 3D Modeling

Thomas Mørk – Art director & 2D Art & Textures

Martin Fasterholdt – 3D Modeling & Textures

Allan Alansari – Sound & 3D Modeling.

Save The Forest – 2012

Save The Forest, a prototype 3D game. A race with the time to save the forest from a coming fire. The game designed with Unity 3D by Allan Alansari. 2012

Ben10 Planet – 2012

Ben10 Planet; is a multiplatform prototype game for Ben10 fans. It offer social interaction by login and meet friends online and chat with them funny chat, it offer the newest video about Ben10 on YouTube by RSS feed, It show also whats the latest products and toys for Ben10 in the market by RSS feeds, and it give multigames by choosing one of the Ben10 aliens, each alien lead to new game. The platform is a prototype academic project mad and designed by Allan Alansari. The sound track, composed and arranged by Allan Alansari.

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Veronika – 2012

Veronika; which is a name of a victim sex trafficking girl from Lithuania that send to Denmark to work

as prostitute, she is only 19 years old. Veronica have to service 30 men in a night, she catched by the

police after 3 weeks, the story of this girl is in the net.

A tragady story like this could happen everyday, everywhere, but who knows? or acres about it!?

By inspiration of Veronika’s story we will try to face this problem in the audience, after telling some

entro about it, we’r going to make the player Veronica. A message will show: “you are Veronika”

and the player have to manege choices in the game to go out from this situation of being prostitute.

Teams of Veronoka:

Allan Alansari – Game design, music design and music track compose

Jeppe Tuxen – Programmer, Game design and team manger

Achim Wache – level design

Rakan El-Awwad – story writer

Thomas Mørk – Story writer.

Sun Valve 2011

The game Sun Valve developed by Scylla & Charybdis group during the fall semester 2011 in the Game Design course at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, master degree.

Sun Valve is adequately described as an exploratory, immersive and reflective experience. The game situates the player within a relatively subtle narrative with minimal exposition, while also allowing her or him to take in and enjoy the experiential process of living on an island. This experiential process is teleological, in so far as to culminate in the final presentation of the moral dilemma of choosing either a hedonistic, simulated experience, or an authentic, but less pleasurable experience. This binary decision is also an allegory to games themselves – the player has the choice of continue playing the game (through the decision to return to the experience machine and continue the game), or end the game and return back to his or her actual reality (through the decision to leave the island and the game ending).

Scylla &Charybdis group were:

Allan Alansari – Music design and trailer, Simon Cutajar – Progrmmer and Public relation manager, Emil Lundedal Hammar – Write, SFX and Organization, Astrid Sønderby Lamhauge – Project Manager and playtest manager, Thomas J. Papa – Game design and art leader, Giedrius Spokas – Art vice and animator